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Multi-Purpose INGCO Blowers – Blow Away!

When it comes to cleaning, the Aspirator Blowers of INGCO belong to the Top Selling Category of Al Miraj Trading. In today’s competitive world the performance of power tools plays a vital part in the demand of specific items. The INGCO Blowers do not just work as blowers but also contains Vacuum Cleaner function 3 […]

Pakistan’s Best Pressure Washers

INGCO Pressure Washer is the hottest selling item in the category of Garden tools. It is a multi-purpose machine that helps you save time and energy. INGCO Pressure Washers comes in more than 10 models with different specifications and prices. Every household needs these Pressure Washers in Today’s Time   The 3 Top Selling INGCO […]

Online Shopping With Us – Save 95% Of Your Time

In today’s competitive and modern era, we believe in empowering our customers as better as we can. Keeping this in mind, Al Miraj Trading has developed Pakistan’s largest E-commerce platform where you can order all items of INGCO and DECAKILA with an option of Cash On Delivery service nationwide. In addition to this we offer […]

Quality Is What INGCO Gives

The huge variety of INGCO tools of over 2500+ items is in itself a proof of having a premium quality consistently in the industry. Had the quality been poor, the variety would not have been this much. From a domestic home user to the professional workers in the industry, everyone is aware of INGCO tools […]

Latest Top Selling Collection of INGCO Wood Cutting Tools

When it comes to INGCO, there is a huge variety of wood working tools. INGCO tools can change the size and shape of semi-finished products and wooden parts by shredding wood and removing sawdust manually or automatically. Operation Of INGCO Wood Cutting Tools Wood cutting INGCO tools operate at a cutting speed of 60-100m/s and […]

Safety Precautions For INGCO Tools User

INGCO tools are regular part of our daily lives. Having these tools make your life as easy as you might not have even thought of. With the use of INGCO tools, you don’t just make your task easier but also save a lot of time. However, many of the tools can be dangerous and risk […]

INGCO – Brand With Largest Variety In The World

INGCO is one of the most popular brands of the world having a wide range of 2500+ items in the product portfolio as per now. The R&D Department of INGCO is strong enough to design and launch new products every single month. The variety of tools ranges from a small cable tie to industrial generators […]