Quality Is What INGCO Gives

The huge variety of INGCO tools of over 2500+ items is in itself a proof of having a premium quality consistently in the industry. Had the quality been poor, the variety would not have been this much. From a domestic home user to the professional workers in the industry, everyone is aware of INGCO tools quality and hence are loyal customers.

The main industry that uses the tools to the full potential and gives it a tough hand is the construction industry


INGCO – The Most Commonly Used Brand In Pakistan’s Industry

Some of the featured products that are known for its quality are as follows:

1. Drill Machines
For INGCO cordless electric drill series, the design is very compact, equipped with batteries and accessories, with a reverse function to screw. Some battery drills also have a hammer mode for concrete drilling. Drilling machine is equipped with large capacity and fast rotation speed to support stronger drilling force, drilling deep into the material quickly. It is designed with high friction handle, fits well with soft grip will help you work for long time with the machine without hand fatigue or hand pain. In addition, the product is also equipped with extra handles to help manipulate the machine to ensure safety.

2. Angle Grinders
The electric grinders are one of the top selling items in the power tool category. It comes in different power capacities and different disc sizes. The quality of angle grinders can be judged with the fact that the users provide us feedback saying they are using the angle grinders from past 7-8 years without having any fault. The discs are made up of premium quality material too which supports the angle grinders really well.

What To Do If You Don’t Like The Quality Of INGCO?

  • INGCO provides at least 3months warranty of all the items
  • Get a Replacement if something goes wrong with your tool (very rare case)
  • Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the quality at all (never happened uptil now)

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