Safety Precautions For INGCO Tools User

INGCO tools are regular part of our daily lives. Having these tools make your life as easy as you might not have even thought of. With the use of INGCO tools, you don’t just make your task easier but also save a lot of time. However, many of the tools can be dangerous and risk of serious injuries may arise due to improper use or maintenance. The users of the Tools must have proper knowledge prior to using the tools in order to eliminate the risk of being injured and to avoid hazards.

All type of security measures must be taken in advance

Some of the examples of issues are mentioned below:
• Using a screwdriver as a Chisel may break the head of screwdriver, fly and hit the user or someone around. If the wooden handle of a tool such as hammer or Axe is loose or cracked, it can fly off and hit the worker
• If the jaw of wrench is punctured, it may slip. Percussion tools such as Chisels, drifts or wedges are not safe if their grip is not in shape

General Tips:
• Wear Safety Glasses while cutting or hammering
• Do not use screwdriver as a Chisel because it the tip can break and cause injury/infection
• Do not use knife as a screwdriver because the blade can break and cause eye damage
• Keep knives and scissors sharp. Discolored instruments are more dangerous than the sharp ones

Power Tools Can Be Time Saving Yet Dangerous

Power tools can be dangerous too if misused. There are different types of power tools depending upon the nature of work and the power source used; Electric, Cordless, Pneumatic, hydraulic etc. The user must be trained enough to exercise full authority. They must understand the potential risks and precautions. There is a user manual in every box that contains the possible safety measures that must be taken prior to use of the power tools and also have detailed explanation of the usage method.
If the power tools are misused, the risk of serious health issue may arise that includes amputation, vision loss, hearing loss, seizures, and even death.

General Power Tools Safety Precautions

The following safety measures must be taken:
• Read all manufacturers’ instruction before using the item and follow all kinds of safety procedures mentioned in Guidelines.
• Make sure all guards are in place and in good condition
• Always use person protective equipment (PPE) such as safety goggles, face shield etc.
• Do not use machine until you are instructed to do so. Your supervisor must authorize you to work with the tool
• When working near machines do not wear loose clothing, torn sleeves or tie.
• Do not attempt to repair electrical circuits, appliances, power tools, cable if not qualified.

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