Decakila mission is making fun life easier. More than home appliance, Decakila is a kind of HomeStyle & LifeStyle. Decakila is a life partner in our life to help everyone make fun life easier!

Decakila is committed to making fun life easier

Share a cup of coffee with dad, make a cake with mom, enjoy a smoothie with grandpa, etc. Small things can create great memories. Great memories build lovely families. Lovely family shares fun life!

Decakila is one stop solution for fun life. We develop various product lines of home appliance. In Decakila, we can find household appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances, personal care appliances, IoT devices. Decakila satisfies all our needs to make fun life easier!

Concept Of Decakila

The core concept and innovation direction of Decakila is to make home appliance easier to use, intelligent and full of fun. Based on this concept, we have developed a series of lithium battery appliance—cordless portable blender, cordless hand mixer, cordless chopper……Decakila lithium battery appliance can be used anywhere without the bound of cable, bring freedom and convenience in our fun life!

And in the vacuum cleaner, we develop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner—Decabot, in order to make cleaning appliance automatic and intelligent. With Decakila, we can leave the dust and tiredness to Decabot, free our hands to hug our family at home and have more time to enjoy a fun life easier.

Technology Oriented Brand

Furthermore, Decakila is developing Internet of Things- IoT technology to make fun life easier. Decakila is continuing to connect more home appliances to our IoT ecosystem. Imagine that when we just get home from work, the rice cooker has already prepared hot rice. The Decabot has cleaned up the floor. At the same time, the air conditioner and air purifier have been activated to provide suitable temperature for a pleasant dinner time. This is our life in near future with Decakila.

Decakila was born to bring convenience and happiness to all family, to help everyone make fun life easier!

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